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Private policy

  1. General information:
  • Service operator is Progress Project Sp. z o.o., Światowa 22, 02-229 Warszawa, NIP: 525-238-26-47, REGON: 140779420, KRS: 0000269436, the stock capital 51000 PLN
  • Service performs the function of obtaining information about users and their behavior in the following way:
  • By voluntarily entered information in forms.
  • By saving cookies on devices
  • By collecting web server logs by web host provider Progress Project Sp. z o.o., functioning at
  1. Information in forms :
  • Service collects information provided voluntarily by the user.
  • Moreover, service can save the connection settings (marking time, IP address)
  • The data in a form is not shared with third parties other than with the consent of the user
  • The data provided in this form may be a set of potential customers , registered by the Service Provider in the register maintained by the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection
  • The data contained in this form are processed in the order resulting from the function of a particular form , for example in order to make a process request of service or business contact
  • The data given in the forms can be forwarded to subjects technically pursuing certain services - in particular, it relates to the transmission of information about the holder of a domain registered to entities being operators of Internet domain that support payments or other entities with whom the operator of the Service in this area is cooperating
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