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Flexible SUPER VIP offer for businesses and individuals - tailored service!


Dear All,

Trying to adjust our training offer to the needs of our customers (both businesses and individuals), we have prepared several offers of training packages.

Each of them contains (except the training) additional options that will entice even the most demanding. The content of the package is not final, each element can be adjusted depending on the needs.

We encourage you to familiarize with the details:

Package 1 - Our service + Accomodation + Meals+ Transport
  • Training + accomodation in any selected hotel + additional meals (dinner in the hotel) + any transfers to / from the training + optional assist you in booking and buying train or flight tickets. All costs are individually customized to the customer.
Package 2 - Our service + Accomodation + Meals + SPA
  • Training + accomodation in any choosen hotel + meals (dinner) + voucher for any use in the hotel (room service or SPA if hotel owns SPA Center)
Package 3 - Our service + Culture and sport
  • Taining + accomodation in any choosen hotel + meals (dinner) + ticket for any choosen spectacle / concert / match / etc.
Package 4 - Individual training cycle
  • A set of any selected 5-6 days of training in your configuration, 1- or 2-days. For use within a fixed time. Selection of training is not limited to a single range or city. A special diploma after completing. Settlement as desired.
Package 5 - Coaching + Accomodation + Meals
  • Individual coaching + accomodation in any choosen hotel + meals + voucher (for amount fixed by a client)
Package 6 - Coaching + Training + Accomodation + Meals + Attractions
  • Package 2+1 – 2-days training + 1 day of individual coaching with coach + voucher to use for any attractions in the hotel during your stay.
Package 7 - VIP - Full flexibility in every aspect of the implementation of our products
  • Say what you need, what you want to change and adjust from our offer and we will prepare a special proposal taking into consideration your expectations (you can choose our training or propose new trainings, coaching, individual advisory, period, accomodation, meals, transportation, attractions and activities, the form of the settlement, credit card, date of payment, grant option)

If you have any questions, please contact us +48 22 460 46 00

If the line is busy, please call again :)
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