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Progress Project Mission

Our company’s mission is to support individuals and enterprises in rapidly changing competitive environment by providing reliable and proven knowledge and practical skills.

We are modern and dynamically developing organization. We have many years of experience and knowledge, so that we can successfully achieve our mission and increase our resources.

Why Progress Project? What makes us different?

  • We exist for You and we identify with your training and consulting needs.  Our success is primarily the trust, which we receive from our Clients. Building such trust is a long process which include: constant care of the highest quality products, their innovation, respect and loyalty to the Client and environment. All of this generates a dynamic development and our leading market position.
  • In each subsequent year, we realize more and more trainings and projects . This motivates us to continuous improvement and hard work. We want to keep our standards, to be a reliable business partner for you and our future customers.  Providing trainings for you gives us a great opportunity to learn and develop. We constantly increase our competence to meet your rising expectations.


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