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Project Progress applies CODE OF GOOD PRACTICE from Polish Chamber of Training Companies

  • Project Progress places its experience and skills in customer service. We perform only such training, that we can ensure competences and guarantee profesionalism of  solutions, trainers, methods and tools.
  • Each training service will be performed with honesty and diligence, which is expected from the customer.
  • Progress Project performs training services guided by the interests and welfare of the client and the participants.
  • Terms of training service will be included in the contract with the client and the contract will be implemented on both sides in accordance with the principles of KDP and professional ethics.
  • Any information received from the customer by Progress Project are confidential. They can not be used under any circumstances for the purposes of Progress Project, or distributed without the knowledge and consent of the customer.

Rules of conduct in Progress Project

Progress Project:

  1. Provides information in accordance with the principle of not misleading.
  1. Honestly informs about the company in terms of:
  • turnover:
    • Net turnover for 2010 only from commercial activities is: 3 262 705.73 PLN
    • Net turnover for 2011 only from commercial activities is: 4 434 053,77 PLN
    • Net turnover for 2012 only from commercial activities is: 4 578 789,58 PLN
    • Net turnover for 2013 only from commercial activities is: 4 783 560,44 PLN 
    • Net turnover for 2014 only from commercial activities is: 5 298 738,13 PLN
    • Net turnover for 2015 only from commercial activities is: 6 704 723,41 PLN
    • Net turnover for 2016 only from commercial activities is: 6 860 601,00 PLN
  • resources:
    • Progress Project consists of a team of professional, dedicated advisers and experts who share a common passion. Wide range of our training and consulting projects covers an area of logistics, transportation, storage, production, interpersonal skills, management systems, human resources and law. We organise open trainings in the biggest cities in Poland. We can organise dedicated trainings across the country. We have our own training center in Warsaw, that includes a dedicated computer laboratory equipped with the latest software.

  • the capability of performance the service:
    • Project Progress in each case honestly informs about the possibility of substantive and organizational execution of the order.
  • experience:
    • we have long-term experience in providing top quality, proven and effective solutions and practical knowledge in developing qualifications and lifting potential managers and teams. Our success is above all the trust of our customers. Building such trust is a long process that includes: continuous care for the highest quality products, innovation, respect and loyalty to the client and to the environment.
  • references:
    • we respect the privacy of our customers, so if you are interested in opinions about our company and our products please contact us. We will present a list of companies for which we had the pleasure to work, along with contact to our partner whenever possible related to your industry.
  • the number and qualifications of the staff:
    • Project progress is constantly evolving, so the number of coaches we work with is constantly growing. At the moment there is 130 people. We always adjust the coach for training and company specifications. As a result, you can be sure that training is led by a person whose practical experience and skills are the best suited to your needs.
    • In the office there are 21 people working permanently. Each of them was carefully selected from among the many candidates for pre-planned position, in terms of their competence and experience.
  1. Presents trainers by their:
  • experience,
  • competences,
  • education.

Progress Project:

  1. Presents the operational methodology chosen for type of service.
  1. Uses a model of full training process.
  1. Relying on references gives accurate information about own references, separating them from:
  • Trainer references obtained outside its organization
  • References resulting from the projects as a subcontractor.
  1. Forms objectives, activities, presents real and achievable effects.
  1. Honestly informs about the possibility of achieving business goals through training activities.
  1. Provides clear and reliable information about the tools and evaluation purposes.

Progress Project:

  1. Verifies and cares for the preparation of trainers carrying out the training.
  2. Carefully selects trainers with competencies adequate to the needs and acting according to the Code of Good Practice, ensuring the compatibility of their education and skills with the training subjects.
  3. Recommends place of performance of service, that provides the realization of set  objectives and agreed standard of performance.
  4. Aims to determine the actual training needs of the organization, customers and participants.
  5. Selects and implements appropriate training methods, forms and training tool.
  6. Cares for transparency purposes and actions.
  7. Doesn't combine in one training the learning process and evaluation or selection of participants without their knowledge.
  8. Proposes evaluations of its own activities and it is ready to be assessed. 

Progress Project:

  1. Concludes agreements on a partnership basis.
  2. Honestly presents the conditions of service to the client.
  3. Puts clients in the reference list only after obtaining their consent.
  4. Ensures the confidentiality of information at all stages of cooperation with the client.
  5. Certifies in accordance with the actual service.
  6. Regulates the obligations to:
  • suppliers,
  • employees,
  • customers,
  • partners.
  1. Respects the copyright and does not use the know - how, for whom there is no law.
  2. Does not apply dumping.
  3. Prevents corruption
  4. Does not affect the good name of other entities or individuals (competition).
  5. Does not apply negative advertising.
  6. Does not put the client at a disadvantage (applies the principles of win-win).
  7. Does not send the information classified as spam.

Learning is a condition for the development and it increases competitiveness of any company. An important part of the learning process are training. Training, which is considered, professionally run, efficient educational situations, after which the people know more and have the motivation to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in everyday practice.

Modern training uses active methods and it is based on professional materials. It responds to the real needs of people and organizations. Trainers must have both the expertise and ability to learn and inspire participants to apply the knowledge in practice. They must be able to create a situation in which the participants analyze, experiment, experience, solve problems and motivate. The aim of the training is to understand and practice new skills and inspiration for change. 

There is a lot of companies on the market which works like this. In the same time, according to the rule "teaching is for everybody", there is more and more companies that provides bad quality trainings. Few thousand training companies, lots of information, lack of possibility to verify offers - how to choose the right one, when we want to raise the skills of our employees? Making the right choice is not easy for decision-maker or a comfortable situation for the training company.

Polish Chamber of Training Companies proposes a Code of Good Practice. It contains all the elements necessary to identify the professional training company. It is a document disseminating professional behavior in a training environment, and its use is voluntary. 

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