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Progress Project - the highest quality is a standard. Confirmed by DEKRA Certification.



Ladies and Gentlemen, 

We are pleased to announce that on 21 November 2012 we successfully passed the certification audit The quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 standard. The audit was conducted by representatives of one of the largest companies engaged in a ISO certification process DEKRA Certification Sp. z o.o..

DEKRA Certification is part of an international group DEKRA SE with headquartered in Stuttgart, the global leader in services for the industry, management system certification , product testing , technical acceptance , expert opinions , investment supervision and staff development.

DEKRA Certification has been in polish business for 10 years. An impartial and independent in the decisions making with world-leading position in the Polish market certification.



Certyfikat ISO 9001:2008 Dekra

We are changing for better


With extensive experience in the area of training , we realize how important it is for companies that training was effective , not a stencil lecture , which does not bring tangible results. Therefore if you wish, to a closed training may be included elements which significantly will improve its efficiency.

Needs analysis
Preparation for realization of a project should be based on professional analysis of training needs. Should be also conducted by a qualified expert to provide a basis for testing an effectiveness and efficiency of a training project. On this basis will be prepared specified training program , consistent with your needs.

Pre– and post testy
Thanks to conducting research on participant’s knowledge and skills development you can::

  • identify training gaps in a given field,
  • obtain direction of the development of knowledge and skills of trainees,
  • diagnose discrepancies between current and desired state, in most important fields

Practical training
Research on learning and memory have proven that we remember 10 % of what we read , 20 % of what we hear and 30 % of what we see. The combination of these three channels of receiving information allows to increase the efficiency of storing up to 70 - 80%. Therefore, during trainings, especially while discussion we use presentations and diagrams of the processes. Every substantial content is support by practical exercises .

Basic report is created based on specially prepared questionnaire and pre-and post- tests (it is available in traditional or electronic version).
Basic report is created based on specially prepared questionnaire and pre-and post- tests (it is available in traditional or electronic version). Optionally for a client request we may prepare extended report which contains: .:

  • audits,
  • Contact between trainer and participants (1-3 months after training),
  • Trainer’s/adviser’s observation and analysis,
  • Questionnaires (including e - survey allowing constant contact with the participants of the training - before, during and after the training),
  • Interviews and consultations,
  • Follow – Up.

Professional organization
Our trainings are exceptional not only because of substantive range but also because of the professional organizational preparation. We provide help with reservations of conference rooms, accommodation, catering, equipment. For your request we provide training tutor, who from beginning until end takes care of proper organization, also in place of training.
Our wide offer of trainings can be completed with events, integration games, outdoor and team building.

Conference rooms in Warsaw
We are pleased to announce that according to the opening of a new Project Progress Training Centre in the implementation of a closed training in Warsaw , we propose to hold a meeting in our training rooms.
Offer covers:

  • provision of a properly prepared the conference room with equipment (FREE for the organi-zation of training by the Project Progress),
  • organization of coffee breaks and lunch,
  • organizator’s protection (including the reservation of accommodation for the trainer and the group , preparing the appropriate equipment and materials, care during training),
  • coordination of transport for participants -> Hotel -> Training Rooms -> dinner on the town > evening entertainment -> activities (quad biking , bowling , etc . in the most interesting places in the city) .

We invite you to read the full list of closed training:

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